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 It always starts with a smile and a hello,
The eyes widen as a tongue wets dry lips,
Thoughts that are hidden deep within begin to surface,
Becoming short films projected upon the backs of the eyelids,
As a hand is stretched outward for the initial touch,
And I feel the grease within the creases of their fingerprints,
Covering every inch of me,
I can hear the deep gasps coming from the characters within their films,
Before the breathe is even taken,
I know what it is they want before they even think it,
And it makes my stomach turn and my muscles flex,
Knowing what they see when they open their eyes to the world,
And I can see their dirty little secrets,
Dancing around their bodies as they swagger up to me,
Like faeries zipping around lilies deep within a dark forest,
And they are the black fungus that creeps within those woods,
And slowly devours all the light.

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